May 27
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Bidwell and Buffalo Beer Week

I’m going to lead with the time sensitive stuff, because this week’s update is a doozy. This Saturday! CBW will reprise its role in the production of Guys…

May 12
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Good beer at Goodbeer

Last night, CBW once again took to the streets. Well, the bars. Bar. Mister Goodbar, to be precise. After carefully selecting a flight of distinctly American beers for May’s Goodbeer Club, Rudy added in three CBW prototypes. For posterity, we present the list! [caption id=”attachment_796″ align=”alignright” width=”224″ caption=”We're one MC and four guys…

May 06
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More chances to see our smiling faces

Didn’t you just see us? Yes, you did. Or maybe you didn’t. But hey, know what? We’re once again being allowed to show our faces in public. Next Wednesday, the monthly Goodbeer Club at Mister Goodbar on Elmwood is being turned over to CBW. What is the Goodbeer Club? It’s a monthly shindig where,…

May 19
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Hops! Part 1!!

Sam Adams recently released a new 12 pack they’re calling “Latitude 48 Deconstructed” featuring 6 different beers .  Five of them are single hop IPAs – only one variety of hop was used in the brewing process.  The sixth uses a bit of each of those five hop varieties to create a unique…