Apr 29
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State of the CBW

This week we passed 1,000 Facebook fans. That’s insane. Absolutely nuts. For a brewery that can’t actually sell any beer yet, I think it’s damn remarkable, and I’d like to thank all of you. It may just take a click on your end, but we hope our antics, shenanigans and chicanery can…

Apr 07
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Embeer Buffalo!

Exciting times abound here at CBW. Are you going to Beerology this Saturday? We hope to see you there. I’m actually going to be part of the homebrewing area…

Apr 22
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The Blue Monk

“Well,” Rudy emailed Monday night. “That was awesome.” That seems to be about as good a summary of our Blue Monk event as I could hope to come up with. Dave, Ethan, Greg, Rudy and I manned a table at the bar for about two hours: longer than we had planned, because you folks…

Apr 23
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Words With Friends and links with friends

Hey again! Didn’t we just do this? It turns out there was just too much news for one week. Firstly: our store now has the new shirt design in stock. It’s the same setup as last time: if you live in or around Buffalo, we can find a way to get a…

Apr 15
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Welcome to the new CBW website

Surprise! Today we launched version 2.0 of the Community Beer Works website. Well, strictly speaking it’s version because I’m allowed to make those decisions, but its five digits are irrelevant. We were going for a few things with this design, and I think we’ve hit them all pretty well: for one, it’s not the…

Apr 01
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A small leak can drain a great keg

The title of this post comes from a tweet by @NormskiBrewer, who was celebrating Misquote Ben Franklin Day. You see, dear readers, Ben Franklin was a cool guy. He did a lot politically, scientifically and socially. My dad told me he used to sunbathe nude. One thing he did not…