Feb 25
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News Spree

That there was a pun, that was. The big news this week is that the March issue of Buffalo Spree is out, and it’s a beer issue! It’s jam packed with beery goodness, and we’re not just saying that because we’re mentioned a few times. Our mention is at the end of an article…

Feb 18
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Around the tubes

If you keep up with us on both Twitter and Facebook, well, this Thirsty Thursday update may seem a little boring to you. We’re sorry. Here, watch a puppy play in snow in slow motion. (You might want to watch that anyway. It’s really cute.) Let’s start with the time sensitive item:…

Feb 14
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Triolet Upon Starting A Brewery

We had no idea that CBW, in addition to being a brewing juggernaut and collection of gaming geeks, would also turn out to be a hotbed of lyrical craftsmen of the highest order.  But that’s what happens when you get a team of people together: hidden talents come to the fore, and…

Feb 11
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What’s in a name? Common language and beer

Now that our TTB application is in and the majority of our equipment has arrived, it’s back to another stretch of little news from Camp CBW. Such is the ebb and flow of starting a brewery, I’m afraid. Fret not! It means that we can get back to some topics I…

Feb 08
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Words With Friends update

What, just because I didn’t mention it in last week’s Thirsty Thursday post, you think that nothing’s happened? Pshaw! (direct link) We’ve had to say goodbye to a few players already: so thanks to Alex, Rudy and Chris. I hope you had fun! The third…

Feb 07
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My Father, My King

Well, Superbowl XVL is over, and this year I really watched absolutely none of it; I haven’t even seen the ads, though I know they’re on YouTube already.  I have it…