Jan 29
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The burners arrive

So, okay, there weren’t quite any elephants (by the way, did you all notice I photoshopped — well, GIMPed — in the Psychobrew system to the Aladdin screenshot?) But still, it was awesome. So…

Jan 28
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Short & Sweet & To Be Continued

How could we top last week’s delivery of our kettles? After all, they’re big and shiny and awesome. I’ve seen them myself: they are. Oh yes, my pretties. Well, I believe that despite the overwhelming shinyness of last week, we’ve managed to outdo it already; or at least we will by tomorrow. Shortly after…

Jan 21
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Beer Porn

My apologies for not getting some of these links up earlier. I had intended on last week’s Thirsty Thursday post to be a double header, and then it was to be a Link Dump Friday, and then, well. Here we are. Before we get to the links and Words With Friends update, I need…

Jan 17
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Po’ Lazurus

Hello from yet another CBW voice in the blogosphere, another drop in the ocean of beer and brewery blogs. Well, I suppose my contribution to the noise has not been entirely absent thus far.

Jan 24
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Let’s go to the hop!

What I envision is simply a loosely organized network of hop growers, in and around the city, throwing in some rhizomes for fun, and then possibly giving up some or all for a once or twice a year "harvest beer."

Jan 13
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The Words With Friends Bracket

Here it is, ladies and gents. Go time. (and yeah, ‘Tournamentathon 2011 Spectravaganza’? The others will learn, soon enough, not to allow me to work unsupervised) If your monitor balks at the size of that image, here’s a direct link. The matchups: Rudybob (Rudy) vs greatsufficiency…

Jan 07
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Dogs, QR and Words With Friends

Tonight we had our first meeting at CBW HQ, as CBW. I’ve gone on in the past about our operating agreement, but it’s done, and so we’re all officially owners. That’s awesome. As is meeting in a building that’s ours, all ours. I walked into the office. Radiohead was playing loudly on the speakers…