Dec 31
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Week one

Happy new year, everyone.

Dec 24
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A Christmas Poem

‘Twas two nights before Christmas 10:15, at least. Not a creature was stirring (except for the yeast) Lafayette Ave heard quite a ‘Hooray!’ As Community Beer Works moved in today. Dave had gone home; so had Greg, Matt and Chris. Ethan and Dan had given their wives a kiss. Rudy remained,…

Dec 22
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Closing for the holidays

Do you know what we at CBW really want for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus and the like? A building. Our building. The one we can brew in, and have meetings in. A place to call…

Dec 17
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The World Juniors of Beer

Buffalo is hosting the World Junior Hockey Tournament starting December 26th.  We’ll see teams representing 10 countries playing in 31 games.  Most of them take place at HSBC arena, the rest will be at Dwyer Arena at Niagara University.  We at CBW thought it would be fun to talk about a few beers…

Dec 09
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CBW: The Update

As we look now towards Christmas, there are as yet two things that must happen before we can file with the TTB (the next step in our quest for global beery domination): Close on 15 Lafayette*, aka CBW HQ Amend our Operating Agreement to include all members of Team CBW Both of these are proceeding well…

Dec 03
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CBW is awesome

I just got home from a CBW meeting. We discussed the operating agreement, the layout of the building, did a vertical tasting of three APAs fermented with different yeasts and generally hung out and had a good time. We declared me assistant secretary, then immediately assistant to the secretary, then undersecretary, then finally…