Nov 24
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Fun with shouting about English IPAs

It’s been said repeatedly, but I will again: CBW was formed from homebrewers, and while we’re working on getting all those pieces of paper that say we can sell you beer most of us are continuing to homebrew. I’m currently president of the Niagara Association of Homebrewers, a homebrewing club in the…

Nov 19
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Step Two

We’ve said in the past that we’re in a phase where there isn’t much exciting happening with CBW on the outside, but internally we’re bustling away working on businessy type stuff. Well, the thing with blogging our development is that you get it all: we’re going to be as transparent as possible, because…

Nov 16
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CBW’s space age store-o-tron is fully armed and operational

No, no, CBW hasn’t reached an agreement to sell The Beatles’ catalog (…yet). But we do have a spiffy Paypal enabled quasi-storefront for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Shirts, shirts, shirts, all sizes, local or shipped, get’cher shirts heah! And remember, it’s only 38 days until Christmas.

Nov 11
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Image and women

Earlier this week I got into some nice discussions with people on Twitter. I know that many people don’t like the 140 character service and I get that, but I like it quite a lot for reasons beyond the scope of this blog. The topic in question was Sam Adams’ announcement of…

Nov 04
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Giving thanks for beer.

Thanksgiving is only three weeks away & CBW is here to advocate that you consider having beer on your table rather than (or in addition to!) wine. Why beer with food We are obviously beer guys – opening a brewery would be a dumb thing to do if we weren’t – so you could say…

Nov 02
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Interview with Dumbarton’s Beer

Relaxing in for a nice post-vote beer, but have nothing to read? Jerome at Dumbarton’s Beer just posted an interview with none other than little ol’ us. Fun! Excitement! Intrigue! Or at least moderately competent facsimiles of the same. Thanks to Jerome for talking to us!