Oct 29
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The ones out there are far away

The weeks just keep flying past, don’t they? For instance, it hardly seems like a week ago that I was writing we’d soon be at the Bidwell market, shirts in hand. I think my writeup earlier this week does a good job of covering the event, but it does bear repeating that I…

Oct 24
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CBW goes to Bidwell

Well, Saturday was a ton of fun. We made some beer, of course: an American ‘Strong’ Ale (quotes due to a low original gravity, but hey: we were combat brewing!). That wasn’t the important part,…

Oct 22
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The Market Approaches

Just as we discussed two weeks ago, this Saturday (a mere two days from now!) we’ll be doing a brewing demo at the Bidwell farmer’s market, on Elmwood and Bidwell. We should be…

Oct 14
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None of us here at CBW work for the brewery full, or even part, time. We all must continue with our day jobs (for now, at least!). Mine is a grant-based project at UB, and after we found out that we were refunded (and that I would, in fact, still have employment come…

Oct 07
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CBW Live!

Last month we hinted at a public event where you could come and say hi, and then had to give away the surprise and say ‘No, we won’t be doing a brewing demo at the Bidwell Farmer’s Market this Saturday!’ Well, we have a date! Saturday 10/23, we’ll be outside and really…

Oct 01
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What’s a brewery without beer?

This week may have seemed dull to some, and perhaps it was. To others, though? CBW Expat Matt had a bit of fun when his workplace, the University of Texas, was home to a gunman. Did I say ‘fun’? I don’t think that’s the right word. Thankfully, the man only hurt himself….