Aug 30
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Oh hello there, Buffalo News

Let me tell you, being on the front page? Awesome and unexpected! (don’t get the paper? It’s also available on the intertubes) The article does a good job of summarizing who we are and what we’re looking…

Aug 27
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The location of myst’ree

Remember how I said I’d shut up about the location until I said there was more? There’s more. We have a building. It’s under contract, but we haven’t closed on it yet, for the same reason…

Aug 23
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Ethan & Dan Brewfest it up

Remember when we were going to the Buffalo Brewfest? Well we did. And then we shot some video, and some people who were not me did a wonderful job of editing it, and so without further ado, may we present:

Aug 20
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Want some links, this Friday?

Stan Hieronymus, who you really should be reading, wonders what a nanobrewery really means: Portland is hosting a nanobrewery festival, and some of the participants have 7-10 barrel systems.

Aug 19
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The nomenclature of beer

Tuesday we had a meeting devoted to the discussion of equipment. We made a lot of decisions, and this week will be ordering several large, essential bits of the brewhouse. What they are and why are things we’ll get into in future Thirsty Thursday updates, but for now they aren’t the point, with…

Aug 13
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On eggs and the counting thereof

Would you believe that one of our own actually questioned whether there’d be a Thirsty Thursday blog post? Of course there will be! It’s right here, in fact. I look forward to spending time with you each week, e-friends, and I hope you feel the same. [caption id=”attachment_191″ align=”alignleft” width=”300″ caption=”I don't know,…

Aug 06
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Due Diligence and Dog Days

This blazing, humid, and generally oppressive week,  we’ve attended our first couple of neighborhood organization or block club meetings, partly in pursuit of a variance to use the location in which we’d very much like to establish…

Aug 05
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Brewfests, shirts and operational agreements, oh my!

Has it been a week already? Hey friends, it’s Thirsty Thursday! Remember how last week Rudy and Ethan went to Belgium Comes to Cooperstown? They came! They went! They had a great time! I hear I missed…