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Words With Friends and links with friends

Hey again! Didn’t we just do this? It turns out there was just too much news for one week.

Firstly: our store now has the new shirt design in stock. It’s the same setup as last time: if you live in or around Buffalo, we can find a way to get a shirt to you. Otherwise, an extra $5 will get it shipped promptly to your door.

As a joke, while writing last night’s post, I sent an email to the rest of CBW with the subject “next shirt design?” It was decided that I had to share it with the world. So, thusly:

I makes teh drawrings

Now then, time for a bit of a link dump! I admit that they’re all about us, though, sorry.

Last week, Julia Burke of the New York Cork Report stopped by to talk to Ethan and Rudy. Her article, “Upcoming Buffalo Nanobrewery Will Take ‘Local’ to the Next Level” is now online for your reading pleasure. Thanks, Julia! We look forward to seeing you again.

The fine folks at KegWorks read the article, said, “Hey! We talked about this nano thing a while ago!” and then wrote another article: “Another Look at Nanobreweries – Taking ‘Local’ to the Next Level.”

Then, finally, after the Blue Monk intrepid local blogger Aaron Chapnick wrote about our event as well as an earlier event Flying Bison put on in conjunction with the UB Graduate Student Association. Now, I’m just saying, I have a graduate degree from UB, and they didn’t have Flying Bison events when I went there. Also, stairs in Baldy went uphill both ways. Regardless, give “Local is always better” a read.

(direct link)

Yes, the CBW Words With Friends tournament is still going. It’s slowed down considerably, but there’s only one game older than a week going on right now. Android folks: is the WWF app still kicking for your OS? Ethan can no longer find it, which means I’m going to win our game by default.

So, there you have it: all the news that’s fit to blog. And that’s the way it is. Good day and may the good beer be yours.

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  1. david on

    I still have the WWF app on my android phone, and I see it is still available on the android market

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