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When it rains, it pours

Lit’rally, as Rob Lowe’s character on Parks & Recreations would say.

Yes, Bidwell was plenty wet this Saturday. Downright marshy, even. Thanks to everyone who braved the mud and came to say hi: unlike last time, which was our introduction to many of you, this time was split about 50/50 between new folks and those who knew us already. “Are you serving beer yet?” was the biggest question asked by faces I remembered from October. Not yet, no. Soon.

I honestly don't remember this photo being taken. But my hands are in my pockets, so it's really me!

We’ll be back to the Farmer’s market again in August: August 13, to be precise, which is also International Lefthanders Day, as my sinister wife always reminds me. She expects presents. When you see us next to Five Points again, we’ll be farther along in the process detailed in the “thermometer” on our front page. If we’re not, I quite honestly told a woman, I would cry. I trust in the federal government not to make me cry.

Last week we received some big news, but in all of the hullabaloo surrounding Bidwell and Buffalo Beer Week (which, incidentally, is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic) I thought it best to save until today: the city approved our building permits! This is very exciting news indeed, as now we can begin to make the changes necessary to turn our building into a brewery. Our TTB application is taking longer than we’d like, yes, but that’s not the only thing we have to do. Gas lines must be embiggened, a cooler must be conjured from thin air and a new entrance must be constructed. Now that the permits are in, we can start.

One final bit of news: this Wednesday is BarCamp Buffalo, “A meet up of people interested in technology, design and web development.” That’s me. I’m interested in technology, design and web development. I’ll be giving a talk there about nanobreweries and what we’ve learned thus far, as it’s likely that there will be a nonzero number of homebrewers/aspiring brewers present. If you’ll be there, awesome! I look forward to learning from the other people present.

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  1. Pauldub on

    My son said the shirt I purchased from you Saturday is considered a a dress, not casual, shirt. If he wears it in the lawnmower races on Fathers Day I will send a photo.

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