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When? Addendum

I was already to write a post about beer social networks (particularly Pintley vs Untappd), but then so much news happened that, gosh darn it, I just have to post about it instead.


Last week, I said:

We’re getting an upgraded service from National Grid, but first they need to replace the current hole-riddled pole. The estimate they gave us for when the new pole would be put in (with the new transformer coming at an unspecified time after that) is 3-4 weeks. If you think this is not a timeframe you want to hear, try being us.

Then, yesterday Greg sent out an email: it turns out there’s a homebrewer at National Grid, and we’ve been scheduled for the new pole, wires and transformer — you know, everything — for next week. Next week! That is significantly sooner than 3-4 weeks.


Today a subset of CBW drove to Rochester to pick up these bad boys:

I’m sure the first question everyone who didn’t back our Kickstarter has is “Can I have one?” For the glasses, no. Those are Kickstarter exclusive and so everyone who’s getting one knows about it already. We only ordered as much as we needed. Sorry! The growlers and growler suits, though, will be available to everyone, although Kickstarter backers will get to choose which of the two slogans they want and so maybe there will be a run on “Embeer Buffalo” ones.

Speaking of growler suits, we don’t have them in our hands yet but we did get a sample image this week:

My precious

They aren’t in yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they are. We’re just waiting on the suits, shirts and hoodies at this point.

So, how about that. I spend a few hours writing a post last week giving some estimates only to have some of them blown out of the water this week: and in the good direction!