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Wet Frank; De Maas; Jam #3; oh my!

Last week I talked about a Very Special Episode version of Frank, our pale ale. We took fresh-off-the-bine (yes, bine) Centennial hops from McCollum Orchards and used it to dry hop — er, wet hop? — a double batch of Frank. The result, Wet Frank, is by its nature a limited run beer. Want some? Good! Here’s how you can get it:

  • Retail hours tomorrow (8/24) from 3-7
  • Bidwell farmer’s market Saturday (8/25) from 8-1, or until we run out
  • McCollum Orchard’s hop picking party, Saturday from 3-7
  • At a bar early next week

You are planning on going to McCollum’s Good Ol’ Fashioned Hop Picking Party, aren’t you? In addition to some Wet Frank to quench your thirst you get to see how hops go from a plant into the form you enjoy in your beer. Plus, if you’re a homebrewer, you can buy the fruits of your labor on the cheap!

The view at Gene McCarthy’s

Now then, De Maas. First unveiled at the Brewfest, we liked it so much we’re bringing it back. Late next week it will go to Blue Monk: it’s a Belgian style beer, and they’re a Belgian beer bar, so the synergy seems obvious. (One minute, time for some self flagellation for saying “synergy” when I’m not talking about sharing a keyboard) Soon afterward you’ll be able to get it from us or the other bars at which we’re on tap.

While we’re talking about beers… it seems like about time for a Jam, doesn’t it? It’s been nearly a month since we’ve had one of our one-off beers available.

We’re trying something different with this one. What is a jam, in a musical sense? It’s a bunch of people getting together and doing something unique, then when it’s done it will never be done quite the same way ever again. That’s what we’re trying with The Jam #3: rather than have it available via the usual channels, we’re thinking this will be a one-night-only sort of deal, with maybe a bit left behind for growler fills depending on how we’re feeling.

Which night will that be, exactly? Tuesday, September 4th at Gene McCarthy’s. They’re planning to have a chicken curry to pair with the beer and possibly some live music. It certainly sounds like a good time to me.

As for hops, maestro I say: pick on!