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We’re a bookish sort

First: the beer

For some reason it appears that people come to this blog for news on beer and not, I don’t know, obscure linguistic discussion ((n=0)), so let’s lead with that! What beer do we have available for growler fills this week? Today:

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • De Maas
  • Rutherford B. Haze
This is not Singularity (Nugget). It's Singularity (Northern Brewer). Your entire life is a lie.

This is not Singularity (Nugget). It’s Singularity (Northern Brewer). Your entire life is a lie.

Then, starting tomorrow, we’ll also have Singularity (Nugget) on tap! This will be the ninth beer in our single hop series, this time brewed exclusively with the nugget hop.

Now that that’s out of the way, the nerd stuff:

Want in on our book club order?

If so, you have until tomorrow to email me! To recap: we’ll be reading Beer and Philosophy: The Unexamined Beer Isn’t Worth Drinking by Steven Hales, and while the deadline for the discounted order at Talking Leaves is tomorrow the actual discussion isn’t until Wednesday, August 20.

Additionally, if you can’t get in on our group order, forget to, don’t want to, etc, that’s fine! Get the book however you’d like ((Unfortunately, according to WorldCat it doesn’t appear to be in any libraries around here)), read it and come to Goodbar on 8/20 anyway.

We’re having a book signing!

It’s sort of like a book club, but with the authors present! Thursday, June 26th at 6 pm Giancarlo and Sarah Annese will be at the brewery, signing copies of their book Beer Lover’s New York, which in addition to profiles of breweries and festivals also includes a homebrew recipe for The Whale. Come to the brewery, get a growler and pick up a signed book while meeting the authors!

Now then, some other events

Next Friday, June 13th ((SpoooOOOoooky)), Ethan will be at Premiere Gourmet at 5 pm for a sampling of some of our beers. It’s sort of like a book signing, but for beer.

Then the very next day, June 14th, in addition to the Bidwell farmers market and our own 12-4 retail at the brewery we’ll also be at the University Community Farmers Market on Main St by Englewood. This is a one-time deal, sadly, not a recurring event, so if you live by South Campus and can’t make it down to Bidwell get it while it’s hot! Or cold. The beer won’t be hot.

Finally: the 4th

Just a quick housekeeping note: Friday, July 4th we’ll be closed. It’s the 4th of July. You don’t want to go out and buy beer on the 4th, you want to sit in your backyard with beer you’ve already bought and grill far too much food. We will be open the 3rd and 5th, so you shouldn’t have to face a beer shortage.