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Welcome to the new CBW website


Today we launched version 2.0 of the Community Beer Works website. Well, strictly speaking it’s version because I’m allowed to make those decisions, but its five digits are irrelevant.

We were going for a few things with this design, and I think we’ve hit them all pretty well: for one, it’s not the default WordPress theme. That’s kind of key. Also, it should come across as less of a blog and more of a website: we have a blog (and you’re reading it right now!) but that should only be one piece of a larger whole. There isn’t necessarily an avalanche of content elsewhere yet, but that will come once we can do silly little things like sell beer.

Speaking of that, the most prominent new feature of the site is also temporary: what I’m calling the progress thermometer. People frequently ask us when they’ll be able to buy our beer, and we wanted to make that as easy to discern as we could: we’ve done quite a lot, but there’s still quite a way to go. With any luck, the next segment will be filled in soon and we’ll be ever closer.

Terrible CSS rendering

See, if the site looks like this, let me know.

This should be obvious, but if there’s anything that you find that’s broken, or that you tried to find but couldn’t, etc: anything at all, let us know. Let me know in particular, as the new design is my baby and I want to make sure it’s everything it can be. dan at this domain would be the email address. I’ve put quite a lot of time into the new site and so if it’s not perfect, well, I’m damn well going to make it so. There are a few fixes already in the works, including a major feature or two, so don’t worry: I’m not resting on my laurels yet. One day I’ll be able to play Minecraft again… But in all seriousness, people have already said very nice things and that means a lot to me.

So, then, onward to the future! What’s next?

Besides a few Super Secret Projects, the obvious answer is Monday’s Blue Monk Community Beer Workstravaganza. That’s not the official title; one of these days the others will realize I shouldn’t be left to write these things unsupervised. In any event it’s this Monday, 6-7:30 and we’d love to see you there. We’ll have free samples of our beer and a dollar of everything you buy goes to us. It should be a good time! But if you’re reading this I doubt I have to twist your arm to get you down to the Blue Monk.

And finally, Words With Friends! Yes, that’s still going on. The game with Dan (gigante) and Michelle (greatsufficiency) has ended, though it was while I was in the middle of getting the new site up so I’m afraid I don’t have an updated bracket for you. The rest of you folks, though: how’s it going? Hey. Hope you & yours are doing well. Any progress on the games? Let me know.

See you folks on Monday.

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