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We will, we will, get a TTB license

That doesn’t fit the rhythm, I know. And yet I can’t bring myself to care. I was going to talk primarily about how next week is Buffalo Beer Week — and it is, and I will, in a little bit — but then Dave dropped a bomb on us.

You see, while not official, today we received word that our application with the TTB for our federal Brewer’s Notice will be approved.


There’s still one or two technicalities, but once we take care of them, it’s ours. All ours. This is huge. It’s reason for celebration, and tonight I rooted through my cellar for a suitable barleywine. I’m drinking Brooklyn’s 09 Monster, and if you have something tasty tonight I’d appreciate it if you raised it to us.

And then we can do it again once we actually get approval! We win twice. It’s great.

But now Buffalo Beer Week. That is also great, and it starts this Sunday! Eight days of awesome beer events in and around the city of Buffalo. You should check out the official calendar and get your dance card filled up, because it’s going to be a doozy.

Did I make a Ned Ryerson joke last week? I feel like I did. He deserves it.

Anyway, if you’re looking for just one or two events to go to, might we suggest the ones we have our hands on? There’s nothing CBW branded this year: we can’t make beer yet! Ethan created the pairings for the Shango beer dinner on Wednesday the 22. He’s also suggested the pairings for Allen St Hardware’s weeklong beer special menu. If you’d like to get a head start on the festivities, Cole’s will be releasing Ithaca’s HopStash IPA on Sunday the 19th. Rudy said Ithaca IPAs “make [him] weak in the knees,” so there’s that.

The point is that you should be going out and exploring all the beery things Buffalo has to offer! It’s a jam packed week, and will be embeered out the wazoo. Which, despite what Chrome says, totally is a word.

Now then, a bit more on last week’s BarCamp Buffalo talk. If you’d like to see the video that the folks at UNY Startups were nice enough to take of me talking (quickly but, thankfully for my grandmother and 7th grade English teacher, with decent enunciation), you should head to their Youtube channel.

And, finally, the CBW Words With Friends tournament is still progressing! In a very close match, I managed to beat HogtownHarry by a mere five points. That means it’s me (Sigafoos) vs Eric (erockthered), while Josh (JoshTheBrute) waits patiently in the wings. Below, you’ll find the bracket (and here’s a clickable link).

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