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We will be brewing beer for sale this Saturday

And how absolutely cool is that?

This morning, Greg sipped a porcelain cup filled with Earl Grey tea. Nibbling on a small cucumber sandwich, he asked, “Is everything finished?”

It really ties the brewery together

“Yes,” the inspector replied. “Everything is in order.” He slid a flat manilla envelope across the table. Greg opened it and glanced inside.

“Good,” he murmured. “Good.”

Okay so I’m pretty sure that’s not at all how it went. All I actually know is that Greg met with our city inspector and returned with our Certificate of Compliance, which is evidently the same thing as a Certificate of Occupancy but with a different name for a slightly different purpose. The result is the same.

All systems go. Community Beer Works is operational.

This Saturday we’ll be brewing a double batch. Those fermenters aren’t going to fill themselves. Then next week? More brewing. Week after that? Brewing. Brewing, brewing, brewing.

It's a known fact that the number of ball valves on something is directly proportional to its awesomeness.

Last night we met at the brewery to construct our keg washer. Fermenters full of beer need to go somewhere, after all. We got the design from Phil Internicola at Pearl St, and it’s a pretty nifty setup: with a few openings and closings of valves we can take a dirty keg and make it sparkling clean and pressurized. I wrote down the steps we should take, including the one about stepping back so the vat of acid doesn’t splash up onto your shirt. Not that anybody would have been dumb enough to do that. On an unrelated note, I can confirm that a small amount of acid cleaning solution will not burn through your shirt.

We’re reading. We’re doing this. Our exact opening date isn’t set yet. We will be announcing when that is, as well as details about an opening event/party, as soon as they’re finalized.

Do you want the date of something we can announce? How about a five course beer dinner at Blue Monk with dishes created using beer pairings from our head brewmaster, Rudy Watkins? Featuring two beers from CBW, one of which will likely be poured for the first time at the event? Yeah, we thought so. May 1st at 6:30, tickets available at Blue Monk for $75.

4 comments on “We will be brewing beer for sale this Saturday

  1. Timothy Leary on

    Glad to know you got that valve connector mess put together.
    The keg cooler is ready to get connected. I think a fund raiser is in order to finish the glycol system bought and installed. I think the Stamp Lickers and even the Blood Thirsty Vegans, might be asked for such a gig.

    • Dan on

      Al, that requires a separate license that we couldn’t apply for until we got our initial one. We’re hoping to have that ready to go by the end of the month.

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