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Want some links, this Friday?

Stan Hieronymus, who you really should be reading, wonders what a nanobrewery really means: Portland is hosting a nanobrewery festival, and some of the participants have 7-10 barrel systems.

The craziest stuff comes up on Google Image Search. This was for 'nanobrewery' (also, anybody want a peanut?)

‘Nanobrewery’ can be seen as somewhat trendy and gimmicky (especially when you do the math vs the max amount of a microbrewery). Despite that, we at CBW do consider ourselves nano, in that we’re much, much smaller than your average brewery. Our system is going to be one barrel. One. That’s only about six times as much as I make per batch on the homebrew scale. (some people wonder how you make a living off of that small a production, and the answer is that we won’t; no one is quitting their day job until there’s been some expansion) I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to group us in with Stone, Dogfish Head, et al as just ‘craft’ beer. But hey, we’re interested in your opinions.

Then of course when it rains it pours, as the brothers Woodcock have announced plans to build a $1.3 million brewery in Wilson. That’s about all there is to know now, but we look forward to more news as it develops.

Anything we missed? Drinking anything exciting this weekend? I’ve been enjoying the saison I recently kegged, being on a serious Belgian kick (and carefully watching The Blue Monk’s Facebook page…)