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Waffles. Science. Beer!

What are you doing tomorrow night? Do you like food? We do. That’s why we’ll be going to Sweet_ness 7 tomorrow: it will be a fun night of food, with waffles, bakery items and Roaming Buffalo’s guest chef Amelia Nussbaumer. We won’t have any beer, so please don’t get your hopes up, but we’ll be hanging around if you’d like to chat. Plus, you know, waffles.

Then the next night? Beerology! I hope you have your tickets already, because it is sold out. We will have beer there, which is particularly exciting for us as last year we came with just a table and some promises. It’s a nice contrast for us: we have arrived, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Ethan gets his Frank on: will you at Beerology?

Then there’s Sunday! Er, actually, we won’t be doing anything Sunday. Besides eating brunch, probably. It’s mother’s day. You’re welcome, those among you who are forgetful readers.

We will have more events coming up soon, and as such have brought back our events widget on our front page. We’ll be announcing what those events are and when as we have more concrete information. Stay tuned!

What else is coming down our pipeline? Well, the most frequently asked question of us, and I’m going to bold the answer here because I want everyone to read it, is “Are you filling growlers?” to which we have to say no, we are not yet filling growlers at the brewery and have no set retail hours. This is because we are waiting on our state-issued retail license, which has been applied for but will take an unspecified amount of time to be granted. One day we will hear a knock on our door and be handed a paper that says we can fill growlers. We will let you know when this is, because we want to fill them as much as you want them filled. Believe me, we do!

We hope to see you this weekend!