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Tyvek (Or: A post that doesn’t talk about Kickstarter at all, except right there)

Building coolers yourself is hard work.

It will be worth it in the end, especially because I’ll be able to say “Hey, see that? I helped make that.” As someone who does not self-identify as “handy,” this is a nifty proposition. (It is worth noting, however, that I received a wet-dry vacuum from my wife for Christmas. So I’m like halfway there, right?)

Sorry it's blurry. I guess I was either cold or shaking with excitement at the thought of getting my hands on the upcoming Tyvek sheet.

Tuesday we met to install a layer of Tyvek on the walls of the cooler rooms. Tyvek, I learned, is a paper/plastic-like material that comes in rolls. It acts as an air and water barrier, so we were putting it on top of the insulation to further isolate the chambers.

You might say that Ethan's a staple of our brewery.

Ethan remarked that it was like wrapping a present. Which it was: an exceptionally big present, which for some reason needs to only be wrapped on the inside, and with staples instead of tape because we wrap like assholes.

From here we took the sheets into the chambers and stapled them to the beams. Working with the Tyvek in this way involved a lot of moving it around slightly, and as such I can report back that Tyvek is apparently made out of the same material as Sun Chips bags. I’m pretty sure The Who could have shown up and started playing a set in the brewery and I wouldn’t have noticed with the loudness of the crinkling as I stoically held up some Tyvek for Greg to affix to the ceiling.

There’s still work to be done, cooler-wise. For one, we figure there should probably be doors on them. That seems like a good idea. We also have to put up the final layer of wall material and install the Coolbots to actually cool the rooms.

We’ll have some time, as the construction we aren’t involved with should be wrapping up this month, and there’s still the SLA to contend with. On that front, we’ve confirmed that they received our additions, so we’re progressing nicely!

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