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Twitter and cabbage

It has come to our attention that this Saturday is St Patrick’s Day. That seems like the sort of thing a brewery should mention, right? Despite a Irish-sounding last name I’m actually more Scottish, however, and I don’t particularly like dry Irish stouts. Take that as you will! (Opinions expressed herein do not reflect those of Community Beer Works LLC, etc etc) Corned beef and cabbage is pretty great, though. Steer clear of the green beer and everything should turn out okay.

This isn’t related to beer at all, but both this weekend and next are Maple Weekend in New York State. I hadn’t heard of this great tradition until a fellow member of the Niagara Association of Homebrewers sent out an email a few years ago. There are more pancake breakfasts than you can shake a stick at, not that I know why you’d want to shake a stick at something, and you can tour the various sugar shacks in Western New York. “Sugar shack,” by the way, wins the award for Best Name of Something Ever.

Ethan caulks. That's a pun. I didn't think of it, and it makes me sad.

Hey, Kickstarter backers: have you gotten two emails from us this week? If not, please email me: it’s about getting your rewards.

Last night I had a nice exchange on Twitter with someone looking for a homebrew store. It was a great example of how the medium can be used, with Flying Bison and Kegworks chiming in as well. He finished by asking about Twitter lists for Buffalo breweries and homebrewers. I didn’t know of any comprehensive ones, and so I decided to make them.

For the uninitiated: a list on Twitter is both a collection of users and a way to view all of the members’ tweets. As someone with a library degree, being able to cultivate a subject bibliography is cool.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know. The “Buffalo homebrewers” list is particularly barren, so @ us, comment, send me an email, whatever. Make yourselves known!