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Triolet Upon Starting A Brewery

We had no idea that CBW, in addition to being a brewing juggernaut and collection of gaming geeks, would also turn out to be a hotbed of lyrical craftsmen of the highest order.  But that’s what happens when you get a team of people together: hidden talents come to the fore, and quirks sometimes blossom into full annoyances.  We’re already discussing both our quarterly litererary magazine and the annual talent show.  But until we got those plans nailed down, tonight’s feature will have to do.
I have extolled my love of triolets before, somewhere on Facebook if not also this blog or another, so I’ll say but a few words on the form here.  I know of it thanks mainly to 7th grade English class and frequent Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me panelist Roy Blunt Jr, the latter being more relevent to my tinkering with the form of late (I recommend his book Alphabet Juice to word nerds everywhere.)  You can read all about ’em here of course and this site has a nice collection, but the short story is 1) The rhyme scheme is simply ABaAabAB and 2) use any meter you want; iambic tetrameter is kinda “traditional”  So, without further ado, I give you:
Triolet Upon Starting A Brewery
If you should want to make some beer
You’ll find it is no simple task:
colossal hurdles you must clear
If you should want to make some beer.
The endpoint- is it far or near?
Call up some agency and ask
if you should want to make some beer;
you’ll find it is no easy task.
yes, I ripped this off

The guy in the costume? He's never even *seen* Star Wars!