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Top of our Klass

The return

I didn’t bike to work Tuesday morning. It was pouring. Actually, more accurately it was pouring. I was a little worried about the weather, but by the end of the workday the sun was shining and it was downright hot.

My wife likes to make fun of me for beer selfies. IT'S FOR WORK.

My wife likes to make fun of me for beer selfies. IT’S FOR WORK.

All of this was important, of course, because Tuesday was the (re?)debut of Rutherford B. Haze, our summer seasonal! Everyone gathered at the Liberty Hound for pints of our Belgian wheat, and we drank, and laughed, and my kids ran amok. It was a great time, with great weather and great beer.

“But Dan,” you might say, “I couldn’t make it to Liberty Hound! What about me?” It’s good to see you, Convenient Straw Man. It’s been too long! To you I say: dry those tears! Rutherford is available at our brewery for samples and growler fills starting today, and will be at a myriad of bars in the very near future.

“But Rutherford is so Tuesday

You’re a bit of a handful Convenient Straw Man, you know that?

If, for some reason, the release of our totally awesome and fulfilling in every way seasonal wasn’t enough, we do have a bit more for you: Sunday is the Farm-to-Pint beer tasting at Hamburg Brewing, which means our collaboration with Big Ditch will be ready. Behold: the Klassy New York Pale Ale. See, it’s made with local hops, malt and honey ((Grain was grown in Penn Yann by Klaas Martens at Lakeview Organic grain, honey came from Earn’s Raw Nectar in Niagara County, hops came from McCollum Orchards and Cambria Bines & Vines in Niagara County)), and the grain farmer’s name is Klaas, which sounds like “class”, and- well, you get it. It’s also available at the brewery starting today, but c’mon: check out the Farm-to-Pint event too!

Also next week: it’s back. (Insert ominous music of choice here) It’s been a little bit, what with our anniversary party and other one-offs, but starting next week The Double IPA will be back. It might not be until Friday, so check the blog next week ((Which, I mean, you should be doing anyway)) for more details.

Bidwell is cool

Well, it was cool last week. This week it might be warm, or muggy, or any number of adjectives. The point is: we’re back at the Bidwell farmer’s market! It’s on the other side of Elmwood now, but we’re still on the southern side. We’re right next to BreadHive, which I’m very excited about. Rumors that my wife and I ate the entirety of the loaf of bread I bought last week for lunch may be entirely true.

Just a reflection of a reflection of a reflection of a reflection

Just a reflection of a reflection of a reflection of a reflection

To recap: the market is from 8-1 every Saturday, it’s instead of our brewery retail hours, we do take credit (so feel free to use your cash elsewhere then stop by us) and we have four beers available each week. The lineup this week:

  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • Rutherford B. Haze
  • Klassy NY Pale Ale

The book club: less than a week to go!

It’s nearly time to discuss Maureen Ogle’s Ambitious Brew! Next Wednesday, 5/21, at 7 pm we’ll be gathering on the second floor of Mister Goodbar to talk about our country’s brewing history. Pints of Budweiser and Pabst are optional, though I admit I’ve never actually had PBR so I might try it for thematic purposes.

Haven’t finished the book yet? That’s fine! I… may not have either. Come join us anyway! As with The Audacity of Hops there’s so much information packed into each page that you’ll have a ton to talk about no matter what.

Beer. Books. …Buddies?

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  1. Chris on

    The Klassy New York Pale Ale is Yummy!!!! I wouldn’t recommend it though.I’d recommend you leave more for me!!! 😉
    No but really, it’s awesome.

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