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Welcome again, dear friends, to Thirsty Thursday.

(It seems almost like we should go with ‘Thursty Thursday,’ but that’s one of those things that only sounds good until you do it, like dying your hair yellow to look like the singer from Powerman 5000, which I did not do but came dangerously close indeed)

So, what news is there since last week’s Logogate?

Not quite the Ecto 1, but close

Still no news on the location, sadly, at least nothing we can tell you. This will take some time, of course, and so you’ll probably be reading this for quite a few more TT updates. On a related note, kindred nanobrewing spirit Cosmic Frog announced that they have a location, and so we offer our hearty congrats! That really is the first of many hurdles in this process, and until the state allows some sort of mobile brewing van (‘mash from here til exit 46’) you really do need a location before you can do anything else.

Last Friday, Ethan was on WECK 1230 AM with Nick Mendola. Did you miss it? Well it’s a good thing we have an internet right here for you, because you can listen to the archive!

Beyond that, the major developments are all minor and behind the scenes. The owners met last Saturday, including a shirtless Skype feed from Matt down in Austin, to discuss some of the finer points of how the business will be structured, including some ways for you, the local beer lovers of Buffalo (and beyond!), to give us money. We might have some news on that in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. Or if we don’t… this conversation never happened.

[It bears mentioning now and frequently hereafter that we will not be selling you our beer in any way, shape or form for quite a while, because that would not be a legal thing to do. You may get something in exchange for your money beyond our eternal gratitude, but it won’t be beer, the promise of beer or anything beer-adjacent, except for our promise that it will go towards things that will help us make beer.]

Sort of a depressing end, innit? Here, click on the audio file within a few dozen times.

3 comments on “This week in beer

  1. Alex on

    I like how Foghorn Leghorn is in the categories section for the blog but no other information can be found on why. It adds an enigma wrapped in a mystery vibe to the site.

  2. Foghorn Leghorn on

    “Everybody understands Mickey Mouse
    Few understood Herman Hess
    Only a handful understood Albert Einstein
    And nobody understood Emperor Norton”

    –Norton Cabal, S.F.

  3. Cosmic Frog on

    Thanks for the shout out CBW! Keep on keeping on, we have a lot of great beer and ideas to share with Buffalo together. We here at CFHA are all in your corner so please don’t hesitate to ask us for help, we’ll do the best we can, brewers honor.

    As excited as we were to announce the location, we know it’s now “game time” more than ever and everything now is moving at a breakneck pace which at some levels is great and others…. flat out scary!


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