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They’re letting us back in public again

It’s true, it’s true, it’s all true. CBW is once again hitting the ol’ I-R-L.


To begin: did you know this Tuesday is TedX Buffalo? It is! From 9-5 there will be all let’s of awesome, educational and enlightening speeches being given by WNY natives. The entire proceedings will be streaming online if, like me, you’re stuck at a job instead of being one of the 100 lucky attendees.

Why does this matter? Well, let’s check the schedule and- oh my, look at that! The very first speaker is one Ethan Cox of Community Beer Works, talking about the potential of Buffalo to rebuild its pre-prohibition “bierkultur.” 9am. Be there.

Then, Saturday the 22nd CBW will be at the groundbreaking of the Horsefeathers Community Market. Rather than do our Bidwell routine of brewing a batch of beer, we have some other nifty ideas planned to educate folks on the process of brewing beer. We hope to see you there (5-10pm).

Finally, and most importantly: you know how everyone is always saying “if you need any help, let me know”? And how I always respond “when we do, we’ll let you know”? I’m letting you know.

Oh cool you put in a drain, never mind

Next Saturday, October 15, we’re going to be taking some of the construction on the brewery into our own hands. More specifically, we’re sledgehammering the crap out of the side of the brewery, demolishing the shared wall we have with Abaca Press next door so that it can be turned into the main entrance to the building. Do you like smashing things with something you pretend is Mjolnir? Do you like carrying absurd amounts of smashed concrete to a dumpster? Then do we have an opportunity for you!

The date again is Saturday the 15th. Exact times will come next week, but plan for afternoonish. You also don’t have to pretend you’re wielding the hammer of Thor, but it’s recommended.

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  1. Aaron on

    Live streaming talk on Buffalo’s beer culture AND a chance to destroy a wall? This is a lot of excitement condensed into a few days. Looking forward to it.

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