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The Words With Friends Bracket

Here it is, ladies and gents. Go time.

(and yeah, ‘Tournamentathon 2011 Spectravaganza’? The others will learn, soon enough, not to allow me to work unsupervised)

If your monitor balks at the size of that image, here’s a direct link. The matchups:

  • Rudybob (Rudy) vs greatsufficiency (Michelle) *
  • Erockthered (Eric) (Bye)
  • neut2004 (Brian) vs pbarczys (Pat) *
  • Blankboy (Paul) * vs SudsyMaggie (Maggie)
  • Sigafoos (Dan) vs gigante (Dan) *, aka Battle of the Dans
  • aplacito (Alex) * vs econley (Elizabeth)
  • diatonic (Chris) vs JoshTheBrute (Josh) *
  • Fourem (Chris) * vs HogTownHarry (Harry)

An asterisk means that player initiates the game (and gets to go first). The brackets, as well as who goes first, were randomly generated and so if you don’t like something, take it up with the robots.

Don’t worry about how long a game takes. This is a 15 person double elimination bracket: we’re going to be here for a while. Don’t drag your feet just because you can, though, and be aware that after 11 days of inactivity you forfeit your game. Games shouldn’t take more than a week, two tops, so people shouldn’t be waiting too long for their next matchup. When someone wins, email me at dan [at] [this domain] and I’ll update the brackets.

Updates will be posted to the site, Twitter and Facebook as we go, but hopefully not to the extent that it annoys the nonplayers.

Any questions, post in the comments. Thanks for playing, and I hope this is as fun as I think it’ll be!

3 comments on “The Words With Friends Bracket

  1. Dan on

    Some quick bracket notes:

    – Rudy and I won’t play each other for some time, unless he loses and then wins and I win and then lose.

    – My wife and I, on the other hand, will play each other if we both win or both lose our first game.

    – The fact that I’m in bracket 5 (fnord) is, I assure you, entirely due to the whims of chaos. As is the fact that a person can take the tournament by winning five straight games.

  2. Ethan on

    Eris has overseen your machinations and clearly approves. I think it is also worth stating that fnord has to be treated as a legal word.

  3. Dan on

    Oh, if only we could! Rudy’s already been stymied by his inability to play BOYEE.

    I said we need to host an in-person Scrabble game, and give 1.5x to beer related words.

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