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The trends of 2016

Now that 2015 has ended we can fully reflect on its trends: Gose. Alcoholic root beer. We’ve done extensive market research and are here to tell you what to expect in this new year!

  1. Fruit beer: We’ve had shandies, we’ve had fruit goses, now it’s time to get back to the root.

  2. Microfestivals: Smaller than festivals. Smaller than tastings. Pop up events, two ounces of beer and you’re done.

  3. Imperial Pale Ales: The obvious inverse to session IPAs!

  4. A new drinking vessel: We had shaker pints, then goblets, and now all sorts of glassware. This trend will continue! Soon you’ll be drinking out of something as personal, varied and ostentatious as people use to smoke.

  5. Wine: The hottest beer trend.

  6. Nihilism: Because why bother?

  7. Nonsequential numbering systems

  8. Beer blogging awards: Just give me this one, Spree. Let me compete.