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This Friday we’re releasing Batch 1,000, a barleywine to commemorate our one thousandth batch. It will be a bit of a shindig, so you should come on down!

On Saturday I posted the event link on Facebook and Kevin Wise said it would be fun for Rudy to choose his top 10 beers. We agreed, and so without further ado, here are Rudy’s 10 favorite beers in our first 100 batches (in alphabetical order).

Our Kickstarter video is still a thing of glory

Our Kickstarter video is still a thing of glory

Espresso Whale

The first cask we did. Oh man that first pint was so perfect.


You gotta have Frank. Frank is where it’s at.


Enjoy your nap, little buddy. We look forward to your return in 2016 or 2017.


I woke up from a nightmare where I’d dry hopped Frank like The IPA. Turns out it was subconscious letting me know I’d screwed up. Huzzah for screwing up.

More Information

A beer for The Swans? With a shoutout from M. Gira during the set? Yes please.

Singularity (East Kent Golding)

Still probably my favorite of the Singularities. I know it doesn’t have the sexy shininess of Mosaic or Galaxy, but damn, East Kent Golding is awesome.

Singularity (Mosaic)

Everyone crushed this beer. So much that it might… just might… return under a different name in a more permanent way.

Strawberry Rhubarford B. Haze

I swear I’m making a ton of this when Strawberries and Rhubarbs are in season. Super rhubarb-y. Who doesn’t like that?

The Snow (Barrel aged)

The first year’s Barrel Aged Snow, that sat in Finger Lakes Distilling Rye Whiskey barrels for a few months was sublime. One of my favorite beers I’ve ever made.


A fun, yummy beer. It was hilarious to watch person after person order it as their first beer at Belgium Comes To Cooperstown in 2014. Pace yourselves, people!

The Whale

It’s The Whale. All hail The Whale. May Talla smile on you from above.