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On objective quality

What are you doing next Wednesday? Wrong! You’re going to our third book club discussion, this time on Beer & Philosophy by Steven Hales.

Oh. Was that your answer already? Uh, sorry. You should keep those plans then.

Have you read the book? Great! Show up to the second floor of Mister Goodbar at 8, grab a beer and let’s talk philosophy. Haven’t finished it? That’s still fine! This book is chock full of discussion points, so no matter what you’ll be able to contribute.

A contest you can win

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Don’t forget, dear reader: in a week and a half (August 25, to be precise) we’re drawing the winners of both pairs of tickets in our Riot Fest giveaway.

Stop in to our brewery and buy some beer, then enter your name. Tweet at us with the hashtag #riotfest and a picture of you drinking one of our beers while listening to a band playing the festival. Win tickets to a cool music festival!

A contest we can win

We scratch your back, you scratch ours, got it?

We’ve been nominated in Yelp’s 2014 Yelpies. Do you think we’re the best brewery in Buffalo? Thanks! Think we’re one of the best breweries in Buffalo? Well, you can vote for more than one. We’d sure love it if you’d vote for us, though!

Brass tacks

Let’s get down to them! You want beer? We’ve got some beer! Except for Tripod. Tripod is all gone. But what do we have, now and soon?


Alex Placito Has A Posse, which was cryptically revealed last week, is ready for consumption! It’s not just the cold hard truth but also a beer: a Belgian IPA, in fact, made with saaz and amarillo hops and Chouffe yeast. It’s doubtful any kegs of this will be leaving the brewery, so if you want to join the posse then come to retail!

The End Is Rye: we love puns, and we love rye, and so when our very own Mister Robert Turley designed a black rye IPA we were completely on board. It should be available late next week or the week after.

And, finally: you know it, you love it, it’s back. Elmwood Festive-ale, a saison we only brew for the Elmwood Festival of the Arts, will be returning for its third year! We aren’t sure if there will be growlers for sale: there haven’t been in the past, so I’d suggest you hurry down to the Festival, which runs August 23-4.

But what of Beer Week?

Time’s inexorable march continues. I’m still not used to it being July and here we are, halfway through August. We’re getting very close to Buffalo Beer Week, which is September 26-October 5. Will there be collaborations? Special beers? Events? A wake for Rutherford B. Haze?

Yes, dear reader. Yes. Patience.