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The location of myst’ree

Remember how I said I’d shut up about the location until I said there was more?

There’s more.

Oh, the possibilities... and the edible underwear

We have a building. It’s under contract, but we haven’t closed on it yet, for the same reason we’re not going to tell you where CBW HQ is yet: we need to get it rezoned, because the City of Buffalo’s zoning codes are as old as my parents, and so they give no special considerations for craft breweries like Flying Bison, let alone tiny little folks like us. That will be taken care of soon, though, and within the next two months we’re confident that there will be a picture atop this very blog (with a better design, but that’s another story) of the CBW ne’er do wells outside of our future brewery.

That’s the big news, of course, though all you get for now is pictures, along with the humorous anecdote that the building is currently full of the wares of a sex toy business. (rumors of our Plastic Pecker Porter are of course completely false, though it occurs to me that Water Based Lubricant would be a suitable name for any style)

Ethan, Dave, Greg and I toasting the location

We also surpassed 400 Facebook fans, so to all of you: hey, thanks! That’s great, especially since we aren’t actually providing any, y’know, beer? We look forward to providing all of you beer in the near future, though how near is dependent on quite a few fickle government agencies (just ask Blue Monk)

This is being typed at an owner’s meeting, where we’re discussing the financial and logistical bits that aren’t important until you have something to spend money on. The big things have been ordered, or will be ordered, and soon enough — soon enough — beer will flow.

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