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The good kind of global warming

It’s getting hot in here

Well, technically it’s getting wet in here (come on, mother nature: some of us want to bike to work), but I hope you’ll grant me some artistic license.

You remember Rutherford B. Haze, don’t you? Our summer beer, a “wheaty Belgian pale” (it’s a new style because we say it is), has been around for two weeks now and people quite seem to like it.

So we decided to put that to the test.


Enter: the Global Warming Open, a bracket-style competition from the Brewing News pitting summer beers head to head until only one remains. If it sounds similar to the NIPAC, well, that’s probably because it is.

Round one we’re up against an old nemesis*: it’s Rutherford B. Haze vs Fat Heads’ Fuzzy Wuzzy, a wheat beer with apricot and peach. Who will prevail? We’ll find out this weekend!

* Fat Heads replies, saying, “Dude. You’re not my nemesis.”

The brief return of an old friend

With Rutherford’s ascension came the demise of our winter seasonal, the dark saison The Soft Bulletin.

Or so you thought.

Well, it’s still mostly dead, but “there’s a big difference between” and all that. There is one keg of it left, and it’s being tapped at retail tonight. 3-7 Thursday, 3-8 Friday, 8-1 Saturday at the Bidwell farmer’s market if it lasts that long. There are about nine growlers’ worth in that sixtel, so if you’ve been feeling a soft hole in your heart you should probably skedaddle on down.

Meet the press beer guys

This Saturday I’ll be at the Sheridan Dr Consumer’s location for a tasting between 1 and 4. If by chance you’re reading this and a) haven’t tried our beer but b) don’t want to have to pay for it, come see me. Or maybe you have tried it and want more. Or you want to see if I’ve managed to trim my crazy-man-or-lumberjack-I-can’t-tell beard by then (sources point to no). Your motives are irrelevant! Just come say hi.

And then, finally, if you’re feeling a bit peckish, or imagine you might be in two weeks: don’t forget our Crazy Jake’s beer pairing dinner on 6/27. $40 gets you four courses, five beers and a souvenir glass to boot!