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The final stretch: upping the Kickstarter ante

There’s less than a week left in our Kickstarter project. We’re currently funded at $16,367, or 109% of our goal. We will be getting the money, and that is very, very exciting.

Last week’s post laid out the case for why you should still donate. It’s still worth reading, and even if we don’t make it to any of the secondary goals I mentioned we still love you all. As friends; most of us are married.

Now that we’re into the final days of the project, we thought we would up the ante. We have two new options to perhaps sweeten the deal. If you’d prefer not to have your deal sweetened, that’s fine, but we think these are both interesting options.

I can see through walls!

Update the first: Give the gift of local beer

It’s 17 days until Christmas. That’s shocking to me, and not just because as of now there’s no snow on the ground (I personally quite enjoy snow and can’t get into a festive mood without it; I don’t speak for CBW as a whole). Perhaps you don’t know what to get the beer lover in your life, or you’d like to add in a little something extra. Let us help.

You will be able to mark any donation as a gift for someone else. They’ll get notified when things are ready, they’ll get to sign the wall and they will get to go to any Kickstarter only events (if applicable). None of the rewards will be ready by Christmastime, but in their stead we will send a nice letter (to them or you, if you’d like to wrap it) informing them that a donation has been made in their name and detailing what rewards they’ll be getting.

We’re also making it possible to have two rewards with one backing: let’s say you want to get yourself the $50 level and give a friend the $25. You can pledge $75 and we’ll make that happen. You can include three rewards in one pledge, or four, and so on. Any amount can be split into smaller amounts.

“Isn’t this going to make logistics more complicated?” Yes, almost certainly. But as the person who will be responsible for it all, I think the idea is good enough to more than make up for the potential headache of adding more rows in a spreadsheet.

Share the cheer. Give someone you know a CBW Kickstarter package.

Look ma, it's insulated!

Update the second: double down

No, not the pile of grease masquerading as a KFC sandwich.

As of today, the $50 level (and all levels above it) contain two Kickstarter exclusive glasses. That means switching from the $25 level to the $50 gives you an additional glass as well as a Kickstarter exclusive t shirt. We think it’s worth the upgrade, and we hope you’ll agree.

To be clear: this applies to everyone at or above the $50 level, even if you had already backed the project. You get an extra glass, and you get an extra glass. Everyone! Gets! An extra glass! We’re not in the business of punishing those of you who made our project successful. The $500 level and above isn’t doubled to four glasses, however. Sorry.

Other Kickstartery goodness

Now, we understand that it might help our case if we could unveil what the glass will, in fact, look like. We had hoped to do that in this update but it will unfortunately have to wait a little bit. Take this to heart, though: we are confirming that it won’t be a shaker pint. We’re waiting on a quote from the glass company, and we don’t want to announce a glass only to find out it’s twice as expensive as its peers. Another nanobrewery did announce in the past day that they’ll be using the shape, however. Hunt away if you’re really dedicated.

There’s no glass design, but how about a sticker? The iconic image at the top of this section was created by Craft Beer Talk‘s Chris Groves and will be adorning the sticker coming with every reward. Stick it somewhere and be reminded of your mission! Buffalo is going to be embeered, and you’re playing a part.

Next week: the total raised, and hopefully some more reward mockups.