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The Double IPA: Here & (almost) Gone

The flame is gone, the fire remains

Last week we had an impressive nine beers on tap. Today? That number stands at just six.

Say goodbye to Klassy, Singularity (East Kent Golding) and Grisette #1, at least at the brewery. There should still be some kegs of the first two in the wild, if you can find them.

There is still a bit of The Double IPA left, but reports indicate it won’t last long. As always, it will be back next month, but if you’d like to send May out in style you should probably stop in tonight!

The Saturday lineup

SuperGroves (look at our fancy new tent!)

SuperGroves (look at our fancy new tent!)

This week at Bidwell we should have the same four beers that we did last week:

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • Rutherford B. Haze

I say “should” because that is somewhat dependent on availability, so don’t hold Rudy and Greg accountable if it’s not!

And don’t forget: we’re once again open on Saturdays! If Bidwell is simply too early for you, or you’d like De Maas or — if it’s still around! — The Double IPA, we get it. You can stop in from 12-4 at the brewery for all your growler filling needs.

Singularity: returning soon

Last week saw the end of Singularity (East Kent Golding). Next Friday the Singularity series will be back with Singularity (Nugget)!

This will be the eighth entry in the Singularity series: each one uses the same malt bill (and thus stands at a hefty 7.2% abv) and uses one hop throughout the beer. Want to know exactly what the Nugget hop tastes like? Want to see what effect different hops have on a beer? Try Singularity.

Some bad Buffanews

Last week we said that we would be at the BuffaLoveFest at the Buffalo Zoo tomorrow. Unfortunately we aren’t going to be able to attend: we’re sorry! There are still plenty of nifty vendors who will be there.

Book club: one more week to preorder!

I know, it seems like we just had our second book club discussion, because it was just last week ((I said that the recap would be this week, but then it, uh, wasn’t. Next week will be the Session, so expect it 6/10!)). However, we’re forward-thinking people!

For the third book club we’ll be reading Beer and Philosophy: The Unexamined Beer Isn’t Worth Drinking by Steven Hales. The discussion isn’t until August 20 (as always on the second floor of Mister Goodbar at 7 pm), but if you’d like to get in on the discounted group buy from Talking Leaves you have until next Friday to email me. This way we’ll all have plenty of time to read and ponder.

Read! Ponder! Beer!