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The continuing adventures of Francis Q Singularity

Singularity Goes North

Singularity (Falconer’s Flight) has come and gone, but that just means that we’ve got the next installment of our single hop IPA series in the pipeline.

We’ve had (Columbus), (Centennial), (Simcoe) and (Falconer’s Flight), and the fifth entry was brewed this week: Singularity (Northern Brewer). Expect it in a few weeks!

Rudy’s working up a schedule for the next few Singularities after that, so stay tuned for what you can expect in the future.

All that remains

It came, it went, it came again and, yes, it has gone yet again. Espresso Whale is no more, at least for now. Will it be back? Well, keep reading…

This month’s batch of The Double IPA is still alive and well, however! It probably won’t last very long, so if you’d like some I’d suggest stopping in at your earliest convenience.

And what of In C, our prototype pale ale? It, too, is still flowing!

These two join our usual crew of Frank, The Whale, De Maas, The IPA and Stout Affective Disorder, of course.

Be audacious

The-Audacity-of-HopsLet us not forget that the Audacity of Hops book club draws nigh! On March 5th we’ll gather at Mister Goodbar to drink some beer and talk about the history of craft brewing in the United States.

If Facebook is your sort of thing then I made an event for the night. And, it bears mentioning, if you haven’t finished the book by the 5th don’t worry! Come on down anyway. There will still be plenty for you to talk about.

Even more events

The book club not enough for you? Well then, how about this:

On Thursday the 27th we’ll once again be at the Art of Beer at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center. More than your average beerfest, the Art of Beer combined tastings with food and art. It’s a great event and we hope to see you there.

Starting the very next day — Friday 2/28 until it’s gone — we’re going to be holding a cask takeover at Mister Goodbar. Four casks of beer made specially for the event, each of which sounds positively delightful. Right now, Rudy’s planning on sending:

  • The IPA cask hopped with Citra
  • Espresso Whale
  • Dank Frank (Frank cask hopped with Chinook)
  • Green Bottle Saison (an experiment with details forthcoming)

Beer for here in winter

And, finally, here’s the Horsefeathers edition of the commercial we premiered in the fall!