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The clouds all form a geometric shape

A growler weighs a ton

The conclusion to last week’s Kickstarter post is going to have to wait a bit longer, unfortunately: we’re back to fun and excitement around the world of CBW!

Not that last week wasn’t fun. I certainly enjoyed writing last week’s post, so much so that it actually sort of caused a massive philosophical re-alignment; but more on that later. The rumors of my impending baby are in fact true, meaning I’ll be taking roughly two weeks off from Thirsty Thursday. I was prepared to write some posts in advance, including the Kickstarter followup, but Rudy and Ethan jumped on the opportunity to wrest the blog from my grasp so quickly I’m beginning to wonder if I have to watch my back. You’re giving me a complex, guys.

For now, though, there is beer. Behold: The Soft Bulletin, a dark saison with orange peel. 7.4% abv, with what Rudy describes as “that signature French Saison yeast floral character,” with an aroma of white pepper and orange zest.  Dry, crisp and soft (hence the name), it’s got floral and zesty notes and some alcohol as it warms.

"What're you doing?" "Nothing much, just milling around." THIS IS WHAT THE FACEBOOK CAPTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN, ETHAN!

“What’re you doing?” “Nothing much, just milling around.” THIS IS WHAT THE FACEBOOK CAPTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN, ETHAN!

When can your lips meet this prize? Soon, very soon. This Saturday, in fact! We’d like to give it to you sooner, but, well, it has to do silly things like get carbonated first. Saturday, however, we suggest you stop by the brewery! Take your time, though. Sleep in, have a late breakfast, chat with someone over coffee. We’ll be kegging it that very day, so it won’t actually be ready until noon or so. Keep your eye on social networks for when specifically it gets tapped.

Our little bundle of joy

(Too heavy on the baby thing?) The newest addition to our brewery is the shiny new mill that arrived today. What does this mean for you? Literally nothing. What does it mean for us? It’s a new toy! It also means that we no longer have to take advantage of Flying Bison’s generosity: since our homebrewing mill finally realized that it was too old for this shit we’ve been making weekly pilgrimages to Ontario Street to mill our grain.

Did I mention it’s a new toy? We also get to put that explosion proof mill room back to use. Excitement abounds.

Everything’s a competition

It’s January now, yes, but nearly February. February barely counts as a month at all, and then it’s March! I am about as apathetic as possible about college sports and basketball separately, so together they’re like the Captain Planet of Ambivalence (if you’re a decade older than me, they’re like the Voltron of Ambivalence). I love competition, though, and so the idea of March Madness if not the execution itself appeals to me.

Every March I think “Next year I should do a March Madness of… something.” Invariably I forget until the next March, when it’s too late. This year? This year I’m thinking ahead!

So… start preparing for March Frankness. We’re going to declare the Frank of the Year by the end of the month.

"the mona lisa"

One of the many; one of the greats

Do you have to be named Frank? No! Although I did meet somebody named Frank Franklin last week and, c’mon, he’s a shoe-in for the Final Four at least. No, instead, we’re looking for someone that embodies the spirit of Frank: Dependable. Honest. An all around good guy, or good gal. When you need something done, you call Frank (or Bill or Shannon or…). Oh, you need somebody with a truck to move a fridge? Yeah, call Frank. Plumbing work need to be done? You know a guy. That guy’s Frank. Frank’s down to earth but still creative and doesn’t mind getting his or her hands dirty to get a job done.

Do you know a Frank? Shoot us an email. More information as it develops.

Until we meet again…

I’ve responded to the now-single-digit days until my daughter is born, and the accompanying extreme lack of free time, the only reasonable way: by thinking of more work for me to do. Thirsty Thursday will remain, because having put up a post every week (with the occasional guest spot) since June 2010 is something I’m very proud of.

In addition to Thirsty Thursday, and Ethan’s Squibs series, there’s going to be… something else. I’m still working out the details. While Thursdays have become a place to update you on what’s upcoming at the brewery, posts taking a more philosophical approach to beer, or just talking about something that I think would be interesting to talk about, have fallen to the wayside. I’m looking to fix that.

I’m also going to talk about board- and roleplaying games. A lot. Fair warning. I said “halfling” like 12 times last week and nobody complained so I’m taking that as consent to display my nerdery like 20 sided plumage. You’re thrilled, I’m sure.