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The cask less traveled

The beer we have

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • That IPA
  • Rutherford B. Haze
  • Stout Affective Disorder
  • Singularity (El Dorado)
  • Seasonal Creep (Smoke)
  • Bob NYS Double IPA

Tomorrow’s cask: ABV with Galaxy hops


The sizes in which you can drink the beer we have

First, there was the growler. 64 ounces of beery goodness. Then came the half growler, in case you only wanted 32. In December, the pint! 16 glorious ounces to be consumed at the brewery.

And today: the 4 ounce sample. Want to make a flight? Create your own, as big or small as you want, for $2 each ($3 for higher abv beers).

“What about the free samples you’ve always given out?” Glad you asked, Convenient Straw Man! Free samples have, and always will be, available. But they’re more meant for trying a sip or two of something before you order a pint or a growler. Don’t feel shy about asking for them! If you’d like a little more, to sit down and actually try a small amount of quite a few? That’s where the samples come in.

See, the cask less traveled -> the road less traveled -> Walt Whitman -> Whitman Sampler -> we have samples now.

CBW + Big Ditch, what could it mean? (spoiler: 20 bbl of An IPA)

CBW + Big Ditch, what could it mean? (spoiler: 20 bbl of An IPA)

What else we’ve been up to

It's Bob, the double IPA!

It’s Bob, the double IPA!

Other nifty beer things

And finally