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The Bippee Beebee

This Saturday is the Ballpark Brew Bash, or the BPBB if you’re short on time. Pardon us if we sound a bit like broken records, but there are quite likely people who haven’t heard about this yet!

We’re going to be bringing De Maas along with Frank with an added kick: we’ll have a hop rocket stuffed full of hops that the pale ale will get pushed through on its way to your glass. Think of it as Frank++.

If you’ve sprung for the VIP tickets you’ll also be able to have some of the first batch of oak whiskey barrel aged Whale. Yes, I did say “the first batch”: as soon as the first 10 gallon batch was in kegs Rudy filled the barrel back up again. Having tried some this past Monday, I can confidently say that you want VIP tickets.

Behold: a FLOOR!

Do you want beer sooner than that? Well then, hopefully you remember that our retail hours have been broadened, and we’re now filling growlers Thursdays (that’s today!) as well as Fridays at our brewery. This is in addition to our weekly appearance at the Bidwell farmer’s market from 8-1 on Saturdays, if you prefer your beer con huevos.

(Except for this past week, of course, and we’re very sorry about that. I was personally in Cooperstown but I hear it was like The Perfect Storm here. In the future, weather cancellations will mean we’ll open the brewery for growler sales, but we’re currently not zoned to have retail hours before 3. Soon!)

And, finally, here’s a picture of a floor! No, no, it’s much more exciting than you think. This is where concrete pads are going on our floor. These pads will hold our brite tanks, which, once our glycol system is in place, will increase our capacity, allowing for more beer.

“But Dan,” you say. “Haven’t you said you’ve increased capacity already?” Why yes, convenient straw man, I have said that! As of next week, look for us in a new bar or two. We’ll let you know where when we’ve been tapped.