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Thankful for stouts

Bring it on

Coming soon to a stout near you

Coming soon to a stout near you

Maybe you’re the sort of person who only reads Thursday updates and not Tuesday musings. You’re a bad sort of person, you know, and I say that as a friend, but one who’s a little put out that you don’t read his blog, because he’s the sort of person who still says “blog” unironically.

What I’m getting at is that Tuesday, December 10 at Sterling Place we’re releasing the Bringer of Nuclear Fire, our Risk Legacy inspired imperial milk stout with ancho and chipotle peppers. Don’t let the name scare you off: it’s really not that spicy, instead featuring a smokey note that slowly builds as you sip the glass.

If Risk Legacy is your sort of thing, we’ll also be playing the final game in front of a live studio audience. Will we open the final packet? Will Justin win yet again? Time will tell.

Give thanks with beer

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Despite being a little disillusioned with pumpkin beers I’m still all-in for Thanksgiving. It’s become a tradition to repost Rudy’s 2010 guide to pairing beer with Thanksgiving dinner, but this year there’s simply too much going on! Instead I’ll link to it and urge you to read it, because it really is a great guide. He also provided pairing suggestions with CBW beer, which we of course recommend.

Text not your thing? How about Ethan speaking in video form?

Want to have the freshest beer possible for Thanksgiving? We’re closed next Thursday, obviously, but we’ll be open for growler sales 3-7 on Wednesday, 11/27.

So much new beer

It’s arrived! Beer Christmas. We have three new beers for you to try this week:

Stout Affective Disorder, our winter seasonal, is (as the name implies) a stout! Standing at 5.4%, you’ll be able to pick it up all winter long.

Singularity (Centennial) is the second installment in our single hop IPA series. It features the same malt bill as Singularity (Columbus) but with all Centennial hops. Want to know exactly what they taste like? Pick up a growler!

Finally, there’s Heatrays, our barleywine. We’ve made it a tradition to release it before Thanksgiving so that you can share some with your family. This year it’s 11.2% abv and available in half growlers only.

Holiday sale

Pick a keg, any keg!

Pick a keg, any keg!

Doorbusters starting at 5 am!

No. We are not doing a Black Friday sale. However, we are doing a holiday promotion: until the end of the year, 1/6 bbl kegs are $80: get some Frank for your holiday party! Each sixtel holds 5.16 gallons, or a little over 40 pints (55 12 oz glasses) of beer.

Frank, The Whale, De Maas and Stout Affective Disorder are available (no IPAs; sorry!), subject to availability. You can send us an email to reserve one if you’d like, since that way we can guarantee we’ll have the beer you want. If you don’t have a tap, that’s okay! We have a few we can rent out to you, also subject to availability.

(There’s also a $30 deposit on the kegs, and we’d sure appreciate it if we could have them back by 1/10 so we can fill them up with more beer!)

We have some more promotions coming up as well, if 5 gallons at a time is too much beer for you. More on that next week (I do expect you to read the post at your table before eating).