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The, That and other terrible SEO words

The beer we have

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • That IPA
  • Stout Affective Disorder
  • The End Is Rye
  • Singularity (Galaxy) (not much left)
  • The Joke Is That We Replaced The Word ‘Goes’ With ‘Gose’
  • Cask: ABV IPA with experimental 646 hops
Last week's cask. This week's will look similar on the outside, but very much not so on the inside!

Last week’s cask. This week’s will look similar on the outside, but very much not so on the inside!

The beer we will have

Tomorrow we’ll once again have The IPA: we had to stop making it because we couldn’t get the hops required. So, this is the last of The IPA. We’re more heartbroken than you are, I assure you, but come in and get the last bit of it!

Events in the next week

  • Saturday: Buffalo on Tap! We’ll be bringing The Whale and ABV IPA.
  • Wednesday: A tasting at Pizza Plant!

What else we’ve been up to

  • I want to know what beer sites you read! I’ve already gotten a few but my Newsblur folder can always use more! I’ll probably make a post next week with the results.
  • Floo powder in hand, a pun-with-too-much-work account of my brunching at Hydraulic Hearth this past Saturday.
  • The Daily Public liked our current ad! I’ve been put in charge of our weekly ads (see right), so expect the same level of “why does he not have any oversight” that you find in this blog.

Other nifty beer things

And finally

Double thumbs up