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Taste the diversity

What’re you doing this weekend?

We’re quite busy, ourselves.

Sure, you could come to the Bidwell farmer’s market on Saturday and pick up a growler, as always. We’ll have Frank, The Whale, The IPA and Rutherford B. Haze (with De Maas still appearing Thursdays and Fridays at the brewery; never fear!) pouring from 8 until 1.

It will look much like this! (Except not on Sheridan)

It will look much like this! (Except not on Sheridan)

Or, or perhaps maybe and, you’d like to come get a sample of our wares! Ethan will be at the Niagara Falls Blvd Consumers on Saturday from 1 until 4, so if you’re in the area come on down and say hi.

Speaking of tasting, this Saturday is the Taste of Diversity on Grant between Auburn and Lafayette. We’re one of the sponsors this year, and if you’re feeling like some CBW (admittedly not the most diverse group of people) you can find us on tap at Sweetness_7.

Sunday, meanwhile, will see a beer pairing dinner at Comfort Zone Cafe in Hamburg starting at 5. For $19 you get a four course meal, each paired with one of our beers!

The Global Warming Open continues

Welcome, dear readers, to your weekly “Thank you Brewing News for giving me blog content” portion of the program. As you may recall, last week we had entered round two of the Global Warming Open, where our summer seasonal Rutherford B. Haze faces other beers in a single elimination tournament. In round one we defeated Fat Heads’ Fuzzy Wuzzy, placing us up against Cigar City Brewing’s Hotter Than Helles. Did we win? Scroll past the conveniently placed logo to find out!



We won!

Now then, who are we facing thi- oh. Oh my. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Battle of Buffalo! In the Sweet Sixteen we are up against none other than the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery’s Lune’d’bleu.

Judging is June 30th, so we’ll have the results next week!

Stay frosty

They go together like Ritz and Nutella

They go together like Ritz and Nutella

Well, not frosty: too cold and you won’t be able to taste our beer. But it’s been unbearably hot recently (note to non-residents: I consider low 80s “unbearably hot”), and beer that warms up faster than you’d like is simply no good.

Enter: FC Buffalo/CBW branded koozies! It’s true: we don’t bottle or can, and in any case we aren’t Heady Topper so you’d want to pour it into a glass even if we did, so you might be confused as to its utility.

Behold! Our very own pint glasses (not shaker pints because we aren’t some sort of plebian) fit quite nicely inside!

If you’d like one of your very own, we’ve got them at the brewery (not Bidwell: beer only, there!) for $1 each. We have about 100, and when they’re gone they’re gone!