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Tap dancing

Christmas in June

It’s here, it’s here!

Technically it’s been here for quite a while, but it is now operational. I’m speaking, of course, of our tapbox. Let’s take a look at this beauty:

10 taps and a dream

10 taps and a dream

You might be thinking that that’s a lot of taps. It is! 10, all told. We’ve settled into a comfortable routine of our four core beers with one seasonal, which until now have been poured from a two tap fridge and a four tap jockey box. What if we get crazy and want to make a ton of one-off beers? (Well, that’s logistically impossible at the moment: see De Maas’ brief hiatus last month) Now we can.

Why not put it to use?

Why not, indeed.

Let’s get this party rolling with the first brewery only beer: today Rudy will be tapping 15 gallons of Espresso Whale.

We’d like to have brewery only specials be something that happens frequently, if not regularly, so be sure to keep an eye out here and on our social media accounts.

The same thing we do every night

This is, as Ethan put it, “inside baseball,” but: he’s been elected to the board of the NYS Brewers Association!

This doesn’t really have any practical effect on the beer, but it is cool, and also will ensure that we have a hands-on role in the embeering of not only Buffalo but New York State in general.

It also means we’ve completed the first eight steps in our 23 step plan for world domination.

Start some kicks

Not everything is about us, you know! There are two local Kickstarters you should consider funding:

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