Apr 08
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Squibs 10

Welcome to Squibs: your highly unpredictable yet oddly compelling look into the mind & reading habits of CBW President Ethan Cox. I was considering bi-weekly…. and then, I reconsidered. I like “whenever,” because scarcity = value. But you can at least count on Sunday night releases- I’ll give you that much. Maybe. [caption id=”attachment_4675″…

Apr 23
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Squibs 6

Welcome to Squibs: Your sporadic (read: infrequent), Morning Grumpy-styled window into the head of C.B.W. President Ethan Cox. Now available in HiDef!

Feb 14
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Triolet Upon Starting A Brewery

We had no idea that CBW, in addition to being a brewing juggernaut and collection of gaming geeks, would also turn out to be a hotbed of lyrical craftsmen of the highest order.  But that’s what happens when you get a team of people together: hidden talents come to the fore, and…