Jul 11
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Blogging from the inside

Yeah, I have not posted in awhile. But here I am!  There are just a few things on my mind and well… I have a soapbox, er, blog.  So, getting down to it… The first, really the big point is related to the title.  Before Community Beer Works, there was Beer-O-Vision, the blog…

Jan 24
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Let’s go to the hop!

What I envision is simply a loosely organized network of hop growers, in and around the city, throwing in some rhizomes for fun, and then possibly giving up some or all for a once or twice a year "harvest beer."

Aug 23
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Ethan & Dan Brewfest it up

Remember when we were going to the Buffalo Brewfest? Well we did. And then we shot some video, and some people who were not me did a wonderful job of editing it, and so without further ado, may we present: