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Spreading Intolerance

The cold never bothered me anyway, but I got stuck in my driveway this morning and that was annoying. On to the beer:

Listen, lactose intolerant people, why can't you just open your heart to love?

Listen, lactose intolerant people, why can’t you just open your heart to love?

The beer we have

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • That IPA
  • Stout Affective Disorder
  • Intolerance (new!)
  • Saison #2
  • The Snow (2015)
  • Singularity (Mosaic)

The beer we will have

  • This week’s cask is Duality (Mosaic/Galaxy), available Friday!
  • Also available tomorrow: ABV IPA

There’s a chance that Singularity (Mosaic) will run out tonight, but if it does we’re kegging more tomorrow!

Come say hi, maybe read a book



Tonight: Michael Rizzo and Ethan Cox, esteemed authors of Buffalo Beer: The History of Brewing in the Nickel City, will be hanging out at CBW HQ from 4-7. Want a copy of the book? Want them to sign it? Want to drink some Intolerance while you do it? Come on down!

Tomorrow: The very same authors will be at the NACC’s Art of Beer, doing the very same thing! We’ll be there as well, and it’s a fun festival for a great cause.

What else we’ve been up to

  • March 7 we’ll be at the Craft NY Brewers Festival in Albany. New York State has some amazing breweries, and you can taste beer from 40 of them!
  • Building a brewery, from Hydraulic Hearth, discussing the path they took in order to get our satellite brewery operational.
  • NIPAC round 2 results: we beat Wormtown Brewery! In round 3 we’re up against Ballast Point’s Big Eye.
  • This week I posted the writeup of our fifth book club. Remember that Buffalo Beer book up above? It’s what we’re reading for Book Club VI, if you needed yet another reason to pick it up.
  • Here’s a video from Bengal News West featuring Rudy talking about where we came from and where we’d like to go:

Other nifty beer things

  • What is it that ferments lambic?, some science for our Sunday read
  • Remember the brewing course ECC was going to offer? Go sign up!
  • The Nittany Epicurean is putting on the third Vine & Dine at Elm Street Bakery, a five course wine-vs-beer pairing dinner. Kris Kane from 21 Brix and Ethan Cox from, well, us will be there to talk about each pairing and about how beer rules and wine drools.

And finally

  • Don’t read the stupid boring not-a-spy-conspiracy explanation at the bottom and instead read about NYC’s G Train mystery and pretend there are geriatric lady spies walking among us
  • Instead of a gif, a bonus video1 because somehow Sleater-Kinney and Bob’s Burgers got together and made this and I am very happy:

  1. Yeah I spent my morning listening to PM5K unironically because shut up 

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  1. Angotti Beverage on

    A- Rich chocolatey brown body with a tan carmel head
    S- Dark chocolate aroma small vanilla hints
    T- Sweet, Smooth, dark chocolate with milky tones
    M- Creamy, velvety smooth, viscous
    D- Easy, satisflying, chocolatey

    Overall an extremely well balanced milk stout. Extremely high drinkability and very refreshing on cold Buffalo nights.

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