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So this is Beer Week

I assume everyone reading this has been to at least one event for Buffalo Beer Week since it started last Friday. If not… you do live out of state, right? Otherwise you seriously need to reconsider your life choices thus far.

Before I recap what’s happened, let’s look ahead at our schedule for the rest of the week!

My god, it’s full of taps!

Tonight! Retail 3-7 and then our beer mob at the Nortel 7-9. Come out, support a local business and have a beer or two! Plus, there are still spots open to try a preview copy of the Pint Craft card game.

Tomorrow! Retail 3-8 and, at 7, a five course Chef’s Table beer pairing with beers from CBW, Flying Bison, Pearl St and Big Ditch at Giancarlo’s.

Saturday! Our first Saturday retail hours at the brewery. Stop in between 10 am and 8 pm to see the place, try a sample or two and take home a growler (or half growler).

Now then, to recap:

Friday we had a great time at Mickey’s, sharing collaboration beers with other Buffalo breweries and their fans. Saturday we bid adieu to Bidwell, and I’m going to remember it as it was and not as it is, because that was a miserable, rainy, dreary morning.

My day was much improved once we headed to the Marcy casino for the Micros @ Marcy event, however. That was four hours of amazing beer and conversations with amazing people. It’s strange: I’m generally an introverted person, leaving the mouthpiece job to Ethan and Rudy, but I love talking to people as I dispense beer. Whether retail or beer festivals, I really look forward to it. The festival has been described as the best in Buffalo, and I don’t think I can disagree with that. Next year — and there has to be a next year — you’d be a fool not to go.

Sunday we had fun taking over the taps of Pizza Plant. I’ll take any excuse I can get to have a Tofu Torch Pod, and if that excuse is “eat it while drinking In C,” well, all the better. Monday we launched at Fat Bob’s, and will be there from now on. So if your thing is less pod and more BBQ, we now also have you covered.

(As an aside: with all of these events we’ve been answering the “Where are you on tap?” question quite a bit. It was certainly nicer when the answer was “Cole’s, Mister Goodbar, Blue Monk”: now that we’re on at so many bars it’s significantly harder to remember!)

Doesn’t Greg look dapper!

Tuesday and Wednesday, well, those were the days our families got to see us. That brings us to today, which is I believe where we came in.

Two other things of note, and then I’ll get back to playing a trial game of Pint Craft so I know the rules tonight: item the first, glycol! It’s in. We have significantly more refrigeration now, and it’s very exciting if you’re at all interested in maneuvering around our carbonated kegs, which we are. Soon it will mean our 10 tap system will be online for growler filling, which is even more exciting.

Item the second: we won the West Side Business and Taxpayers Association 2012 Business Achievement Award! As Greg accepted it he pointed out that we thought our first award would be for our beer: in all of the excitement we can lose sight of the fact that we did, in fact, start a successful business. That’s pretty cool.