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So it begins!

This Monday, the largest ever gathering of the CBW family convened at Santasiero’s. Five owners, three wives, four sons and one daughter managed to take up the entire back room, and we supped on spaghetti, eggplant parmesan, pasta fagioli and other Italian delights.

It looks so... empty.

To what purpose? Monday, September 19, 2011 the construction on our brewery started.

It doesn’t look much different yet. CBW’s resident architect, Greg, made sure we realized that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Seriously, he used that phrase. But the process has started. Soon it will be in full swing, and the empty space guarded by a motion activated frog that I’ve known for the past year will become nigh-unrecognizable.

While we’re looking to the future, it’s also time to wrap up a loose thread from the past. CBW’s Words With Friends Invitational is finally done! Congratulations to Josh (JoshTheBrute) for unseating the then-undefeated Elizabeth (econley) and becoming the champion! (for reference, pronounce that “champ-een”).

(direct link)

It started January 13. Yeah, so eight months is a bit long. But it was fun, right? I hope so. If we do this again — more on that in a minute — it will be faster, I assure you. Although, to be fair, this was not some high octane sporting event: it was online Scrabble. I don’t think it necessarily needed to be thrilling. But that’s just me: participants, what did you think? Did you enjoy yourself?

More importantly, would you be interested in doing it again?

Words With Friends is now available on iOS and Android, which it wasn’t when we started. Were we to do another WWF tournament, the too-cool-for-Apple crowd could participate as well. On the other hand, we’ve done one of those already. There’s also that I’ve been sick of “n With Friends” recently. That’s also true.

Of course, I’d prefer we play iOS Carcassonne or (dare I dream) Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. Those are both pricey and iOS only, however. Maybe Disc Drivin’? Tournament participants Alex and Eric have had games of that going with me for a while now, and it’s fun and free. Still iOS only, but, y’know… Just buy an iPhone /troll

No matter what, if we do this again — and that is contingent mostly on you all saying you’re interested, right now — there will be time limits on games. Nothing strict; I mean, this is for fun after all. But I promise to do a better job of keeping it moving.

Next week: more excitement!