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Snowday in April


This Saturday is Beerology at the Buffalo Museum of Science. You like science, right? I know you like beer.  There were less than a dozen tickets left as of this morning, so if you’ve been holding out (why would you ever do that?) you should get to it!

“Well,” you say, “what will you have to offer there?” I’m glad you asked, Convenient Straw Man! The VIP section (already sold out: I told you, don’t sleep on Beerology tickets) will have Espresso Whale and De Maas, which they can pair with James Robert’s De Maas-braised oxtail croquettes. Everyone will be able to sample Frank and The Soft Bulletin (which is nearing the end of its lifespan for 2013: as our winter seasonal, this will be the last month it’s available).

Rudy and I will be there, so come say hi! Tell me you voted for us in Artvoice’s Best of Buffalo poll for a special gift! (The gift will be me saying “Thank you” and smiling)

I need validation

Right, okay, this is the last time I bug you to vote for Community Beer Works in Artvoice’s Best of Buffalo pollpossibly because I know you’re sick of hearing about it but more probably because voting will have closed by the next time a blog post goes up.

Really, though, I’d sure appreciate it. It’s the only category (besides Best Twitter Account) that we qualify for, so if you like our beer, and you read our blog (you are right now, aren’t you?), it’s a way to show your support. And, come on, it’s  us or Alan Bedenko.

Anniversary: The Final Beer

anniversaryOh wow, our anniversary shindig is only a little more than one week away! As a reminder: show up at Cole’s and/or Mister Goodbar anytime after 6, hang out with us and have some great beer! CBW favorites like The IPA will be on tap, but so will four special anniversary-only beers. We’ve been announcing one a week, and this week the final door is opened. To recap:

  • A Belgian tripel
  • A double IPA with amarillo, cascade and zeus hops
  • A porter made with hops from McCollum Orchards

And now, the final beer:

  • Barrel Aged Snow

That’s right, our so-limited-we-only-released-three-kegs-of-it imperial stout has been sitting in rye whiskey barrels from Finger Lakes Distilling, and now you get to reap the benefits.

See you there.

Important reminder: our retail shop is closing at 5 on April 20.


BuffaLoveFest posterNow that the event ball is rolling it just doesn’t want to stop. Don’t forget about TAP NY, the weekend after our anniversary party (itself a week after Beerology). Sure, Hunter Mountain isn’t exactly a suburb of Buffalo, but it will be a great time and we’re excited to be there.

Then, after a few blessed weeks off, we’ve got BuffaLoveFest! May 31, 5:30-9:30 pm at the Buffalo Zoo, a plethora of local businesses (see poster) will be there selling their goods.  Tickets are $20 presale, which includes two drink tickets. We hope to see you there!

Expansion Pack

Now that we’re at three Consumer’s locations (Orchard Park, Sheridan and Transit), maybe you think we’re taking a breather for a while. Sitting down, having a rest, not expanding. Wrong, I say! Behold:

As always, if there are places you’d like to see us being poured, let the bartenders know.

See you at Beerology, everyone.

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  1. Dan on

    Not yet! We should be expanding to more locations soon, but right now it’s just those three. We’ll let you know when we have details.

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