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Singularity vs Duality

Today: Singularity (Chinook)!

Today’s the day, friends: the tenth1 beer in the Singularity line is available at our brewery. Singularity (Chinook) is on tap and waiting for your growlers.

If this is your first trip to the Singularity party: it’s a series of 7.2% abv IPAs, each made with the same malt bill. The only difference is which one hop we use: in this case, chinook. We make each one once, so when (Chinook) is gone it’s gone for good!

Tomorrow: Absolutely no retail!

Our retail hours are usually Thursdays & Fridays 3-7 and Saturdays 12-4. This occasionally gets complicated by holidays, and this week is one such complication. Tomorrow is the 4th of July: you’re going to want to spend time with friends or family or a watermelon you’ve grown close to, and so are we. So: one final time, we are closed tomorrow, July 4th. If you’d like some beer for tomorrow — a notion I support! — then do make sure you stop in today.

We've fancified our counters!

We’ve fancified our counters!

Next Friday: Duality!

You may have heard me speak of Duality before, possibly in hushed terms. We’ve taken Singularity (Chinook), a single hop IPA, and added a second hop.

“Blasphemy!” you say. No, no, hear me out! We’ve then placed this new creation in a cask, meaning it should be entirely unlike any other Singularity you’ve tried. This also means that there are precisely 10 gallons of it in existence.

The brightest stars burn out the quickest.

We’re sending this cask to Mister Goodbar. They have it now, in fact, but they traditionally tap casks on Fridays. See the above section for why this is not a particularly good Friday for events. I really wish Pope Gregory XIII would have thought about that while he was making our calendar.

So: we don’t have official confirmation, but our guess is that it will be tapped next Friday. If things change we’ll do our best to let you know via Twitter or Facebook.

Making and doing

This week Rudy and Ethan were profiled by photographer Luke Copping as part of his series The New Rust Belt: Makers and Doers. We make, and we do, and we’re honored to be recognized as such! You should definitely check it out for his prose and a particularly cool shot of them in a field.

  1. Okay, I suppose that should be “10th,” seeing as the journalism class I took in 2003 had me use AP guidelines, specifying “one” through “nine” and “10” and up.