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The beer is dark and full of terrors

The beer we have

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • That IPA
  • Hoppy Porter
  • Stout Affective Disorder
  • Yuz Not That IPA
  • Singularity (Rakau)
  • Spelt Saison with Brett Brux
  • Steve Nacht Belgian Dark Ale

Last week was cold at the market, so we brought Stout Affective Disorder!

The beer we will have

Being kegged tomorrow: ABV IPA

We’re super low on That IPA: it won’t last the weekend, but we’ll have plenty of Singularity and ABV.

CBW (and others) ABROAD!

CBW beer will officially be available outside the US for the first time this weekend at Cask Days in Toronto. There is a feature on Buffalo breweries – us, Flying Bison, Big Ditch, Resurgence, Woodcock & Hamburg: check out the full list of beers.

What else we’ve been up to

Just because you own a brewery doesn’t mean you can’t still homebrew, right?

And finally