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See you on the flip side

This will be the last Thirsty Thursday post before you’ve had our beer.

Some ne'er do well has been adding Frank graffiti all over the brewery!

Let’s all take a moment to think about that.

Oh, sure, you might not be able to come to Cole’s or Mister Goodbar tomorrow after 5. That’s okay; we understand. If you’re in the area, or will be at some point in the future, you can stop in to either whenever you have a chance. This is not about one day: this is about the first day of the rest of your embeered life.

I come bearing good news! Last week I said that you could try Frank, our flagship pale ale, but that our brown ale, The Whale, wouldn’t be ready yet. That was untrue! Both of our initial offerings will be on tap at the bars, and we hope you can try and enjoy each.

Now then it’s hard to bring my mind to think about things that aren’t tomorrow, as nearly all of my brain’s computing power is spent on it (its folding@home being sadly neglected in the process), but Ethan was interviewed on about our Kickstarter experience. It’s a pity that they couldn’t have waited a week so we could be with Mystery in the “funded and launched” category, but I understand. A more in-depth post on Kickstarter and what we learned from it will be coming soon from us, including demographics and other statistics that will be of little interest to most people. I can say that, looking over the number of non-Buffalo backer rewards I’m boxing up, there was a significantly larger number of nonlocal backers than I anticipated. That post is coming, but there’s been so much exciting timely news that it’s been pushed to the backburner.

We have been upgraded. The next level of kegs. We are kegs two point oh. Every keg will receive a free upgrade. You will become like us.

I also have neglected to mention Ethan and Rudy’s appearance on the Buffalo Eats “Eat It Up” podcast. If you’d like to hear them talk about Buffalo, beer and the path to opening a brewery — and I suspect you do, given that you’re reading this blog — then you should definitely give it a listen.

27 hours remain until our beer is in your hands. See you tomorrow, Buffalo.

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