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Seasonal Creep, Beerology and Ambitious Brew


Last Friday, a day after publishing that week’s Thirsty Thursday post, I showed up at the brewery for my retail shift. After having serenaded you with tales of everywhere we’d be, it turns out we had a surprise:

Seasonal Creep (Saison) is now on tap.

Yes, much like the Singularity series, there is a modifier in parentheses after the name. Does that mean it’s a series? Hm…

This saison is different not only from The Soft Bulletin, 2013’s winter seasonal, but also Green Bottle Saison, last Friday’s cask offering. It’s our ode to Oktoberfests in August, hefeweizens in March. Come down to the brewery and pick up a growler before it becomes temporally appropriate.

Singularity and other fun beers

Singularity (Northern Brewer) is still pouring freely, though of course the question of for how long depends on how many of you fill up your growlers. It’s not near the end yet, but is it near near the end? Only time will tell.

After that? Rudy’s got plans for Singularities, don’t you worry.

The book club ne'er do wells (minus Phil, who had to leave)

The book club ne’er do wells (minus Phil, who had to leave)

Not to mention The Snow, our imperial stout. We made it last year but nobody would blame you if you didn’t know about it: I believe two kegs ever made it into the wild, and it was never on tap for growler fills. It will probably go down in history as the smallest batch we’ve ever made.

But this year: we have more! And where can you first try this deep, rich monstrosity? Why, at our second anniversary party! Admittedly, that’s not until April 5th (at Cole’s and Mister Goodbar, as is the tradition that has been passed down by our elders), so I hope waiting a month won’t be too unbearable.

The CBW Book Club 2: Book Harder

Last night was the gathering to discuss The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli, the first installment in the CBW Book Club. It was fun! An incredible amount of fun, with lively, interesting discussion between great people. By the end we had all decided to do it again:

The next book: Ambitious Brew by Maureen Ogle

The (tentative) date: Wednesday, May 21st

As before: if you’d like to get in on a group order through Talking Leaves, send me an email before Monday the 31st.

(a more extensive recap of the event will be coming Tuesday)

We’ll see you this weekend

No, YOU'RE using a two year old picture

No, YOU’RE using a two year old picture

Or at least I hope we will: it’s Beerology o’clock!

Now, I mean, tickets are sold out (if only somebody had been telling you for weeks to buy them…), but if you’re coming: come say hi! Get some beer! Science it up.